My True Image: A Recommended Clinic for Medical Weight Loss, Phoenix, Arizona

A lot of women want to have a good-looking body. With the extra exposure of media where many celebrity showcase their voluptuous body, a great body has become one of a goal in many women’s life. However, with the shifting lifestyle, especially in mega cities, it is very hard to maintain our body weight. Pollution, tons of workloads, exposure of junk foods, and excessive stress play a huge factor in the increasing prevalence of obesity. What make it worse, it is easier to gain weight than to lose it, especially for women. The best way to lose weight is of course by balancing food intake and exercise. However, this is proven very hard to do, especially if you are obese already. The limited free time to do exercise also play a huge role in the failure of diet program. Obesity will lead to other health risks, such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. Thus, other alternatives to lose weight are needed to reduce these health risks.

My True Image Clinic is a clinic for medical weight loss Phoenix, Arizona that provides various treatments to lose your weight and fix your unhealthy lifestyle. It offers trained and experienced staffs to help you manage your diet. These staffs will provide assistance to understand what our body actually need and help you in preparing yourself to maintain your health and diet. They will accompany their patients throughout the treatment to increase the success rate of the treatment, because they believes, a weight loss program can be successful if the patients get supports from their acquaintances. Each patients will get a personalized diet to optimize the results. The combination of diet, exercise, and supplements will ensure the success of the treatments provided by this clinic.

If you want to have a sneak peak about their treatments, you can read some of them on the list below:

  • Injection of Lipo PLEX: this treatment will help our body to be energized and detoxed. This injection will also reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. It can be used for diabetic and anemic patients safely. It has B complex vitamin inside that will improve our body’s metabolism.
  • Methionine: this sulfuric amino acids is able to prevent any lipogenesis or the formation of fat in our body and liver. It will also prevent and relieve fatigue. This compound is able to neutralize toxins by converting L-cysteine.
  • Inositol: it aids fat metabolism and helps to lower the level of blood cholesterol. This nutrient also contribute in the activation of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that regulate our appetite and mood.
  • Injection of LipoDen: this injection has the same ingredients with Lipo-B, with Myoden as its addition. It works by regenerating our body cells and preventing aging process in our body. It will also forces our body to use more calories and burn extra fat cells, which make a faster weight loss. The Myoden also fix any mitochondrial damage in our body and improve our immune system. It also help you in maintaining endurance and stamina.

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