Skin Care Heaven: A Platform for Medically Proven Skin Care Products

Nowadays, a lot of people put more attention into skin care to make sure they will age beautifully. During earlier life, human has soft skin that is naturally moist and free from wrinkle. As time goes by, due to the exposure from the harsh environment, the skin is getting dryer and rougher. As you are getting old, your skin start sagging and wrinkles are occurring. Applying good skin care starting from your 20s will help your skin to age gracefully.

To maintain the beauty of your skin, there are two basic skin care that is need to be considered. The first is cleansing. The purpose of cleansing is to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Excessive dirt and dead skin cells will lead to pimples and acne. Therefore, this step is very important. However, on several occasions, cleansing can dry out your skin because it removes the oil on your skin that is supposed to keep your skin damp. To restore the dampness of your skin, the next step of basic skin care is moisturizing. Moisturizing also help to maintain skin elasticity. Both of these basic steps should be done every day to preserve your skin health.

Skin Care Heaven in a platform that is created by Dr. Barry J. Cohen, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, to provide medically formulated, non-prescription, skin care products through internet. Most of the products that are offered are only available on dermatologist offices or through plastic surgeon. Because these products are medically proven, it will surely give you the best results. In this platform, Dr. Cohen also provides his own personal line of Total Skin Care products. This platform was created combine Dr. Cohen’s passions and interest on business and academic field. You can check out those products on and make a purchase based on your needs.

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